What’s different with the New Ford Puma 2024?

It’s finally here – the New Ford Puma. The next generation of the most popular car in the UK. Ford has developed the New Ford Puma based on customer feedback to make this car even better than before. Join us as we delve into the changes that have come with the New Ford Puma facelift – including a complete change of the Ford Puma interior.

  1. The New Ford Puma Lineup & Pricing
  2. Ford Puma Cactus Grey
  3. Exterior And Interior Styling
  4. Connectivity
  5. Q&A’s

1. The New Ford Puma Lineup & Pricing

Here we have it, the new lineup for the New Ford Puma. In the range we have the Ford Puma Titanium, Ford Puma ST-Line, Ford Puma ST-Line X and the performance Ford Puma ST. Here’s what the New Ford Puma would cost you:

Prices start from 

  • £25,790 for the New Ford Puma Titanium
  • £26,690 for the New Ford Puma ST-Line
  • £28,240 for the New Ford Puma ST-Line X
  • £33,035 for the New Ford Puma ST
The New Ford Puma 2024

New Ford Puma Titanium

The initial model in the New Ford Puma lineup is Ford Puma Titanium, priced at £25,790. This model comes packed with key features such as Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, ensuring seamless connectivity on the go. Equipped with a 5G modem, it promises swift and reliable internet access. Additionally, its advanced technology includes traffic sign recognition and a rear camera, enhancing safety and convenience for drivers.


New Ford Puma ST-Line

Meet the Ford Puma ST-Line, available at a price of £26,690. This variant boasts distinctive features including a Puma logo projection, enhancing its unique identity on the road. Equipped with a rear camera and parking sensors, manoeuvrings in tight spaces becomes effortless. Cruise control ensures a smooth driving experience on long journeys, while rear privacy glass adds a touch of style and privacy to the vehicle.


New Ford Puma ST-Line X

Elevating your choice to the Ford Puma ST-Line X, priced at £28,240. This top-tier model offers an array of premium features to elevate your driving experience. With a wireless charging pad, staying powered up on the go is effortless. Enjoy an immersive sound experience with the B&O premium audio system, perfect for music lovers. Ford SYNC4 with connected navigation ensures you stay on track and in control of your journey at all times.


New Ford Puma ST

At the top of the range, we have the Ford Puma ST, available at a price of £33,035. This high-performance variant is designed to deliver an exhilarating driving experience. Featuring Ford Performance seats, you’ll find optimal comfort and support even during spirited drives. The inclusion of a 360-degree camera enhances visibility, offering confidence in tight spaces. Enjoy added comfort with heated front seats and steering wheel, perfect for colder climates. Front and rear parking sensors ensure precise parking manoeuvres, while the blind spot information system enhances safety by alerting you to vehicles in your blind spot.

Blind Spot Information System New Ford Puma ST
New Ford Puma ST 2024
New Ford Puma Cactus Grey

Introducing an exciting enhancement to the New Ford Puma lineup: the captivating Cactus Grey hue. Available across all models, including the Ford Puma Titanium, Ford Puma ST-Line, Ford Puma ST-Line X, and the high-performance Ford Puma ST, this fresh color option promises to elevate your driving experience.

Cactus Grey exudes a subtle yet sophisticated vibe, reminiscent of nature’s understated beauty. Its muted, earthy tones evoke a sense of harmony with the environment, appealing to those who appreciate both versatility and style. Fans of Ford may recognize this distinct shade from its previous appearances on the Bronco and Maverick in the US, now making its debut on the Ford Puma, crossing continents to adorn this sleek crossover.

Adding Cactus Grey to your New Ford Puma is a statement in itself, enhancing the vehicle’s aesthetic appeal with a touch of elegance. Despite its understated nature, this colour possesses a dynamic quality, reflecting varying hues depending on the season. During the summer months, expect a refreshing baby green tint, while winter brings forth a deeper, more earthy brown tone.

3. Exterior And Interior Styling


Its exterior design receives subtle enhancements, such as a fresh front grille integrating the Ford badge, a sleek de-chromed finish in the Ford Puma Titanium model, fully LED headlamps with optional glare-free Matrix technology, updated alloy wheel designs, and a palette of six exterior colours, including the new Cactus Grey.

New Ford Puma Exterior Changes


The New Ford Puma has undergone notable interior design enhancements driven by customer feedback, aiming to entice customers with its spacious, comfortable, and innovative modern aesthetic. Key changes include a generous 12” central screen, an improved 12.8” configurable cluster display, revamped mobile phone storage with wireless charging capabilities, upgraded seat and door trims, and a sliding armrest within the centre console.

New Ford Puma Interior Changes

4. Connectivity 

The New Ford Puma shines with its expansive 12” central display, serving as the heart of its advanced digital ecosystem powered by cloud technology. It features Ford SYNC 4 with voice control, seamless wireless connectivity for Apple CarPlay® / Android Auto™, a 5G modem, Ford Connected Navigation System, and upgraded phone functionality, including dialing, messaging, and alerts, all accessible alongside a digital owner’s manual.

New Ford Puma Connectivity

Subscription Services

Subscription offerings comprise connected navigation (1-year included), Ford Premium Connectivity with Alexa Premium (3-month included), and Alexa Built-in, granting access to news, traffic updates, and remote home temperature management to save on energy costs.

5. Q&A’s 

  • Q – How much is it to add the Cactus Grey colour to my new Ford Puma?
    • A – For those looking to add this optional colour to their New Ford Puma, an additional £800  will unlock the full potential of Cactus Grey, transforming your driving experience into an expression of individuality and sophistication.
  • Q- When can we expect the New Ford Puma to arrive for a test drive?
    • A– Stay tuned as we expect to see the New Ford Puma in our showroom at Fordthorne, Cardiff in June 2024. 
  • Q- Will the New Ford Puma be available on the Motability Scheme
    • A- At this current point in time, we can’t confirm if the New Ford Puma will be available on Motability. However, as the Ford Puma is currently available on the Motability Scheme – there is a good chance the New Ford Puma will be also. 
  • Q- When will the All-Electric Ford Puma arrive? 
    • There is no confirmed date yet for the Ford Puma Gen-E arrival. We are awaiting the arrival which will hopefully be announced very soon! You can follow our social media platforms via the buttons below, and stay up to date with all New Ford announcements.


The New Ford Puma is an exciting milestone in the evolution of this beloved vehicle. With great attention to detail and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Ford has introduced a range of enhancements that elevate both the driving experience and the aesthetics of the Ford Puma.

The lineup, including the Ford Puma Titanium, Ford Puma ST-Line, Ford Puma ST-Line X, and the performance-oriented Ford Puma ST, offers options tailored to different preferences and needs. From the advanced technology featured in the Ford Puma Titanium model to the premium comforts and exhilarating performance of the Puma ST – each model of the Ford Puma caters to a different type of driver.

The introduction of the Cactus Grey color option further enhances the appeal of the New Ford Puma, adding a touch of sophistication to its design. 

Both the exterior and interior styling have been refined to reflect customer feedback. Including the sleek LED headlamps and updated grille to the spacious and tech-savvy interior equipped with a generous central display and enhanced connectivity features.

Connectivity takes center stage with the expansive 12” central display and Ford SYNC 4 technology, offering seamless integration with smartphones and cloud-based services. Subscription offerings further enhance the ownership experience, providing access to premium features and services.

As anticipation builds for the arrival of the New Ford Puma in showrooms, enthusiasts can look forward to experiencing its dynamic performance and innovative features firsthand. While details regarding availability on Motability and the arrival of the Electric Puma remain forthcoming, Ford enthusiasts can stay informed through our social media channels (Fordthorne Cardiff) for the latest updates and announcements.

In essence, the New Ford Puma represents a fusion of cutting-edge technology, stylish design, and customer-centric innovation, setting a new standard for crossover vehicles in the UK market. Whether you prioritize Ford performance, comfort, or style, the New Ford Puma offers something for everyone.