Mountune Upgrades

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Mountune are a racing and performance tuning company based in Essex and have a rich history of working with Ford Motor Company since their inception in the 1980’s. They have worked on iconic performance Ford cars including some of the most well-known and historic racing marques from the last 4 decades. From Rob Gravitt’s RS500 Sierra to Colin Mcrae’s RS Focus, they have been behind the power upgrades that produced these world renowned race winners, not to mention Cosworth power cars like Francois Delacour’s RS Escort which have been immortalised in road going replicas and fan builds. They continue to push the racing scene in the UK with the Motorbase RS Focus that Tom Chiltern is currently driving in the BTCC. As well as the racing pedigree they have built over the years, they have produced many kits and upgrade packages for the road going models these racers are based on. The upgrades are so well developed, that Ford have worked in partnership with Mountune for a number of years to provide base warranty compliant upgrades.

As a FordStore we are in a position to supply and fit upgrade kits from Mountune Performance to your Ford and in many cases due to the relationship between Mountune and Ford these will not affect your base warranty.

With so many upgrades available for your car, contact us or call in today to talk to our expert technicians who not only fit our Mountune kits but also own upgraded and modified Ford’s and are passionate about racing and Ford Performance.

Fiesta Mountune Upgrades

Our most popular Fiesta Mountune kit the MP215 has also become accepted by most insurance companies as a direct upgrade, and so the car becomes a new Model in its own right, known as a Fiesta ST MP215. The kit is so effective as an upgrade that Ford produced a limited number of the Mk 7 Fiesta ST that was known as the Fiesta ST200, which came from factory with the kit fitted (without the aluminium housing). Add on the cat back exhaust for an excellent addition to this kit.

MP215 Ford Fiesta ST


The MP215 Kit is a Stage 1 Upgrade Kit that will take your Fiesta ST 180 to an impressive 215 BPH (average). This upgrade kit is also warranty compliant and will not affect your base warranty, as long as it is fitted by an authorised Mountune dealer like us. The kit consists of a panel air filter from K&N along with an aluminium filter housing box and ram feed pipe. Also included is the MP215 PCM Remap. The Kit is available with or without the COBB Handset (Please contact us for more info) Fitting the kit takes about an hour in the workshop and the upgrade can be felt instantly.

MP215 Fiesta Cat Back Exhaust

Cat Back

The MP215 will work excellently in conjunction with Mountune stainless steel Cat Back Exhaust System. This light weight exhaust not only looks good and sounds great, but is also light weight. You will hear the throaty notes of the engine as well as showing off a pair of shinny twin tips from the rear. Fitting is around 1.5 hours in the work shop and a natural progression of stage one.

Mk7 Fiesta ST with MP215 and a Cat Back – Customer Case Study

‘’Knowing I would be purchasing a Fiesta ST-3 I researched tuning options and decided on Mountune as they are Ford recognised and approved and the Stage 1 MP215 kit is warranty friendly. Whilst Mountune may not produce the higher bhp numbers offered by other tuning companies it certainly delivers a good all round package and reassurance the engine performs within its capacities whilst improving on stock figures. I have been so pleased with Mountune I am an advocate for their products. The Mountune sport springs for the Fiesta greatly improve the handling on the car removing the harshness of the standard springs but keeping the car still firm and planted in corners, as well as improving the look of the car by lowering it but not so low it is problematic when the car is used for everyday use. I have also had the Mountune cat back exhaust installed (complimented with the Mountune isolators) which I feel gives a great sound on the car; not too loud around town or droning on motorways. I have had many other Mountune products installed and am now taking the car to shows and working on getting the car ready for Mountune’s Stage 2 MR230 map, which I am told is a great further enhancement.’’


Jason has had the following Mountune Upgrades done with us:

  • Sport springs (suspension)
  • Sports Cat and Full Catback exhaust
  • Hard Charge pipe and boost and coolant pipe upgrades
  • High level intake, crossover and turbow elbow
  • Short Shifter
  • Engine mount
  • Gear knob and gear gaiter
  • Stage 2 Intercooler

MK3 Focus RS Mountune Upgrades 



The MK3 Focus RS was released in 2016 and Mountune got work developing an upgrade program for RS owners, using their partnership with the Motorbase BTCC racing team, they have so far to date delivered 5 upgrade kits for the Focus. FPM375 is Stage 1 of the journey. Ford were so happy with the results that they took the kit over and renamed it the ‘Ford Performance by Mountune 375 kit’ (FPM375), and so it comes with a Silver Boot Badge, instead of the classic yellow one. The Silver Badge is only available with the FPM375 Kit.

What’s included?

You will get a K&N cylinder filter, aluminium crossover charge pipe, 2 coloured (blue /red/black) Silicone hoses from Samco hoses, a Billet aluminium re-circ valve, and of course the FPM375 PCM Re-Map software. The main advantage is that the base warranty is still intact. This upgrade kit is available with or without the COBB handset. The FPM375 takes around 1.5 hours to fit. We have fitted dozens of FPM375 upgrade to customer cars, and continue to receive enquiries.

V3 Exhaust System

Specifically designed for the Mk3 Focus RS, the V3 is a full cat back stainless steel exhaust system that is a direct replacement for the original. It has the variable butterfly valve in the nsr tip that the original has, it is also 12kg lighter than the original. The note is more throaty than the original but not over the top, and does not have the dreaded drone you can get from aftermarket kits.

FPM275 Kit Fitted to MK3 Focus RS