What sets apart the upgraded New Ford Kuga in its 2024 facelift?

Ford Kuga 2024 Facelift

The award-winning Ford Kuga has just had an upgrade. Introducing the latest iteration of the New Ford Kuga 2024! If you’re curious about how the new facelift version of the Ford Kuga differs from the current model, we’re here to break it down. Join us, Fordthorne Cardiff, as we explore the New Ford Kuga:

  • The New Lineup & Pricing
  • New Ford Kuga Active
  • Exterior And Interior Styling
  • Connectivity
  • Improved Acceleration
  • More Versatility 

1. New Lineup & Pricing

Introducing the new Ford Kuga X Series lineup, featuring the Ford Kuga Titanium, Ford Kuga Active, Ford Kuga ST-Line, and Ford Kuga ST-Line X.

Prices start from 

  • £32,080 for the Ford Kuga Titanium
  • £37,380 for the Ford Kuga ST-Line
  • £38,955 for the Ford Kuga Active
  • £39,670 for the Ford Kuga ST-Line X.
Ford Kuga 2024 Facelift

New Ford Kuga Titanium

The initial model in the Ford Kuga lineup is the Ford Kuga Titanium, commencing with a base price of £32,080. This variant comes equipped with standard features such as a rearview camera, SYNC4 navigation, front and rear parking sensors, and full LED headlights.

New Ford Kuga ST-Line

Elevating your choice to the Ford Kuga ST-Line comes with a price tag of £37,380. This upgrade grants you ST-Line body styling, sport suspension, a quick-clear heated windscreen, and the inclusion of BLIS (Blind Spot Information System).

New Ford Kuga Active

For individuals with an outdoor lifestyle seeking a more robust aesthetic, the new Ford Kuga Active presents an appealing option. Priced starting at £38,955, this model features a 360-degree camera, a B&O premium audio system, and is available as both a self-charging hybrid and a plug-in hybrid. Additionally, it offers a lifted suspension, catering to off-road enthusiasts and their adventurous travels.

New Ford Kuga ST-Line X

At the top of the range, we have the Ford Kuga ST-Line X  which starts from  £39,670. Indulge yourself with this model, and you’ll enjoy features like an expansive opening panoramic glass roof, front and rear heated seats, a heated steering wheel, and stylish 19-inch alloy wheels.

Stay tuned as we expect to see the New Kuga in our showroom at Fordthorne, Cardiff at the end of March 2024. 

2. New Ford Kuga Active

If you’re familiar with Ford vehicles, you’ve likely come across our Active models, featured in the Ford Fiesta, Ford Focus, Ford Ecosport, and Ford KA+. Now, we introduce to you – the Ford Kuga Active. The New Ford Kuga Active embodies adventure with its exquisite design. The eye-catching front design of the car, with its standout upper grille and glossy black bars, gives it a stylish and classy look. The Ford Kuga Active is perfect for the outdoor enthusiasts looking for a car with a rugged and adventurous design. With features like raised suspensions, protective body claddings, and distinctive styling, the new Ford Kuga Active is well-equipped to handle various terrains. Whether it’s exploring off-road trails or navigating through challenging conditions, the Ford Kuga Active can provide the versatility and capability needed for your outdoor adventures. 

The New Ford Kuga Active offers customization, with distinctive 18″ or optional 19″ wheel designs, and standard features like a black roof, mirror caps, and scuff plates for a unique look. The New Ford Kuga 2024 is more than a vehicle, it’s a style statement and symbol of agility, journey-ready.

Ford Kuga 2024 Facelift

3. Exterior And Interior Styling

Ford Kuga 2024 Facelift


The New Ford Kuga; now more exciting and appealing than ever! This facelift has seen the Ford Kuga with a brand-new front-end design that’s bold and confident, making it stand out in the crowd. The Ford Kuga ST-Line‘s daring style and Active Series’ vibrant edge are highlighted by the dazzling 100% LED head and rear lamps. Plus, you can make it truly yours by choosing from seven different alloy wheel options and six stunning colours, including the lively Ford Desert Island Blue and new Bursting Green.

Ford Kuga 2024 Facelift
Ford Kuga 2024 Facelift


The newly-revealed Ford Kuga features the Ford SYNC4 system that we’ve seen before in the Ford Focus and All-New Ford Ranger. Ford SYNC4 offers a futuristic 13.2″ ‘LetterScape’ stack display. Its improved 12.3″ customizable Cluster Display enhances the driver’s space to suit personal tastes. The Kuga sets a higher standard with high-end interior, including specially designed AGR-approved seats for utmost comfort.

Ford Kuga 2024 Facelift
Ford Kuga 2024 Facelift

4. Connectivity 

The new Ford Kuga is technologically advanced, featuring a Digital Assistant with Connected Voice Control, Wireless Apple CarPlay®, and Android Auto™. It offers intuitive navigation for your Cardiff and South Wales travels, hands-free phone control, and a Digital Owner’s Manual. The Ford Kuga blends innovation with practicality.

Subscription Services:

The new Ford Kuga offers a range of Subscription Services, including Connected Navigation for optimal route planning in the first year. The Ford Premium Connectivity, featuring Alexa Premium for three months, adds a premium layer of smart features and connectivity. With these services, the Ford Kuga not only keeps drivers connected but also anticipates and adapts to your evolving needs, ensuring every journey is a technologically advanced and personalized adventure.

5. Improved Acceleration

The new Ford Kuga, particularly the Ford PHEV and Ford FHEV AWD models, now accelerate faster thanks to the advanced HF55 Transmission. The 2.5-liter Duratec PHEV hits 62MPH in 7.3 seconds while the Ford FHEV takes just 8.3 seconds, showcasing the new Ford Kuga‘s enhanced performance

6. More Versatility

 Towing Capacity 

A game-changer in the Ford PHEV/FHEV-AWD category. The Ford Kuga towing capacity is impressive, standing at a whopping 2,100kg, rivals even the strongest diesel engines. Plus, it’s packed with handy towing features like a Trailer Connection Checklist and Trailer-Tow Navigation, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free operation. The Ford Kuga isn’t just robust, it’s smart too, providing a confident and enjoyable towing experience. So, if you’re searching for cars suitable for towing, the Ford Kuga is a perfect fit for you.

Ford Kuga 2024 Facelift
Ford Kuga 2024 Facelift


The Ford Kuga Plug-in Hybrid; your new eco-friendly companion on the road! It comes with an exciting Green Zone geofencing feature, smartly combining environmental awareness with real-time data. This nifty tool gives you a heads up about any restrictions and cleverly switches to either Ford eco mode or electric-only driving when you enter ultra-low emissions zones.

Ford Kuga 2024 Facelift


Overall, the New Ford Kuga 2024 is a breakthrough in design and performance, introducing the versatile Ford Kuga Active, perfect for thrill-seekers. The lineup includes the Ford Kuga X Series, each model packed with premium features for an unrivalled driving experience. The refreshed design, Ford SYNC4 system, and AGR-approved seats add luxury and comfort. Connected Voice Control and Wireless Apple CarPlay® ensure seamless connectivity, while Subscription Services allow the Ford Kuga to adapt to your needs. The Ford PHEV and Ford FHEV AWD models offer improved acceleration and impressive towing capacity. The Ford Kuga Plug-in Hybrid offers features like Green Zone geofencing for eco-conscious drivers. The New Ford Kuga 2024 symbolizes Ford’s commitment to innovation, adventure, and customer satisfaction, ready to transform your driving experience. Discover the blend of style, technology, and performance with the New Ford Kuga 2024.