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New Ford Transit Custom Plug-In Hybrid

What’s so special, we hear you ask? Well, Ford have delivered the very first plug-in hybrid van: The New Ford Transit Custom Plug-in Hybrid. A work in progress since the release of the standard Transit Custom, the Custom PHEV is a vehicle of wonder.

Is the Ford Transit Custom Hybrid worth it?

Its 1.0 litre, turbocharged petrol engine only has one job, to recharge the 13.6kW battery pack, which connects to its 92.9kW electric motor. It may seem like just another van, but it produces no tailpipe emissions for over 30 miles, making it better for the environment in the process. Ford’s chief program engineer Ian Porter said that “the beauty of a hybrid system is that users can reap the benefits of all-electric motoring, such as when entering low emissions zones, but can also fall back on a 500-km range.” It is, in essence, a wonderful vehicle that’s bridging the gap between the petrol/diesel engine and fully electric.

Having just mentioned the Transit Custom Hybrid’s no emission over 30 miles at one time, this is the perfect place to start. The Hybrid has seamlessly made itself a superb vehicle for when those zero emission zones replace ultra-low ones which could save businesses a lot of money when the switches are put into place. Unsurprisingly, the Transit Custom Hybrid drives exactly like any other Transit vehicle, though it purrs across the road using its electric motor with only the faint petrol engine sound kicking in once you’re out of charge. Those long motorway journeys will be a doddle, but bear in mind the full capability of the Transit Custom Hybrid is within cities and urban roads. The focus on going electric to Ford is so important, that they’re offering an eight-year, 100,000-mile warranty on the battery.

What features does the Ford Transit Custom Hybrid have?

With four different EV modes: Auto, Now, Later and Charge to choose from, the driver could either use stored battery energy or energy generated from the petrol engine, giving you more control at the wheel. There’s also a whopping energy use gauge in the instrument cluster, allowing you to understand how efficiently you’re driving, as well as maintaining the energy of the vehicle – something the Fordpass app is also great for.

There’s also the important addition of Geofencing technology, meaning the vehicle will automatically change to fully electric power when required most without the driver having to push a single button. When it comes to storage and payload, the Transit Custom Hybrid weighs in at 1,130kg. Even though the Plug-In Hybrid has a bodysize of L1H1 – the smallest in question – the load volume isn’t affected.

Ford have created a Plug-In Hybrid ready for the road, and is the next step to going pure electric for businesses and individuals alike.

Key information at a glance

  • Model: New Ford Transit Custom Plug-In Hybrid
  • Price: £39,145
  • Engine: 1.0 litre, turbocharged petrol engine
  • Power/torque: 123bhp/355Nm
  • Transmission: automatic, front-wheel drive
  • 0-60mph: ~
  • Top speed: ~
  • Economy/CO2: 42mpg/139g/km
  • On sale: Late 2019

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